Hopi Ear Candling

A professional half day training course for Hopi Ear Candling. This is a popular course for beginners and therapists offering many benefits. It is a wonderfully relaxing treatment and excellent to use with family and friends or for any therapist to train and add to their existing repertoire.

The skills you will learn on this Hopi Ear Candling course can be used to treat many conditions and include a soothing face and neck massage.

You do not need to take anything with you to the one day classes, all massage couches, chairs, towels and equipment are provided.

You do not need to take a model with you as you will work with another student or model on the day of training.

You will receive your training material via an online link and the training day will focus on the practical element.
Course outline: THEORY – PRE-STUDY AT HOME 1 DAY
• Health and Safety Domestics
• History of the Hopi Ear Candles
• How does the candle work? What are the benefits of having Hopi
ear treatment?
• Conditions that can be helped by Candling
• The Ear
• The Lymphatic System
• Pathway of the Lymph
• Sinuses
• Contra Indications, Contra-actions , other things to consider
• Consultation form for completion
• Preparation of a trolley and couch
• Demonstration of Treatment
• Aftercare
• Demo
• Giving the Treatment
• Hands on Practice with assessment
Accredited by Professional Beauty Direct. Includes a set of Hopi Ear Candles.


6 Hours