Aromatherapy & Your Wellbeing

The definition of wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. Think of it as two words- well and being. Are you a well (human) being? And are you living or simply exisiting?

Over the last 5 months many of us have been isolated, shielding, working from home whilst looking after the kids, or perhaps furloughed or facing the prospect of redundancy. There is no doubt that this pandemic has made us stop and re-evaluate our lives and our wellbeing.

Aromatherpay Associates coined the term “Natureful": Those moments of calm and inspiration when you experience dappled, forest sunlight, the lull of breaking waves, the greenery of a local park or an open-air swim. Elevating our mental and physical wellbeing by stepping into nature-filled tranquility keeps our inner resources strong and happiness levels high. After reading this I began thinking, how many moments like this do we actually have on a day to day basis? How many of us are suffering with anxierty, the fear of the unknown. I myself wonder, whether my business will survive along with many other salon owners. However, instead of worrying I am focussing my mind and energy on the things I can change. That isn't to say that I don't occassionally have a freak out, but I have adopted a set of coping srategies and one of them is using Aromatherapy oils.

So how does Aromatherapy work and how can it help?

Aromatherapy has such a transforming effect because it taps into our limbic system.

This is the part of the brain that deals with emotions, memories it can even influence hormonal responses. Smell is the fastest way for essential oils to penetrate the body. Once inhaled, essential oils can alter our brain chemistry, stimulating memories, moods, and feelings.

Our sense of smell is estimated to be ten thousand times more acute than other senses. It provokes so many of reactions, both physically and emotionally, before we even register the aroma in our conscious brain: from endorphins that uplift our mood to our central nervous system relaxing.

Marguerite Maury and Austrian biochemist brought #Aromatherapy to the UK. In the 1940s she introduced her ideas for massage and with the help of people such as Eve Taylor MBE, she set up Aromatherapy practices. Although first established as a beauty therapy, aromatherapy was developed as a clinical/medical therapy by Robert Tisserand.

Using aromatherapy in your daily routine is an incredible way to tune into your needs.

It is important to remember that when using oils on the skin or in the bath that they must be diluted with a carrier oil. The best way to bring aromatherapy into your life is through a diffuser such as these. Oils should never be swallowed.

We stock these beautifully pre-blended oils from Eve Taylor for use in diffusers

Essential Oils for Working From Home

Inspiration is a blend I often use from #Evetaylor 'Genius in a Bottle' Create an imaginative frame of mind.

A rich awakening blend of french Basil with a hint Clary sage, to stimulate and inspire

those moments of study or reflection. Fortify concentration of mind with the clear and

vitalising combination of, Tunisian Rosemary and Lemon from southern Italy.

Encourage and motivate those inanimate thoughts. (Note: Clary Sage do not use during pregnancy)

Geranium, is the another perfect choice for reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, fatigue, and tension.

It also enhances concentration, improves cognitive function, and balances the emotions and the hormones. Handy when you need to concentrate.

Patchouli acts as an antidepressant and juniper has a much-needed calming and grounding effect.

Wellbeing, what is it?

Well-being is something sought by just about everyone, because it includes so many positive things — feeling happy, healthy, socially connected, needed etc.

5 Major Types of Well-Being (source Psychology Today)

  • Emotional Well-Being. The ability to practice stress-management techniques, be resilient, and generate the emotions that lead to good feelings.

  • Physical Well-Being. The ability to improve the functioning of your body through healthy eating and good exercise habits.

  • Social Well-Being. The ability to communicate, develop meaningful relationships with others, and maintain a support network that helps you overcome loneliness.

  • Workplace Well-Being. The ability to pursue your interests, values, and purpose in order to gain meaning, happiness, and enrichment professionally.

  • Societal Well-Being. The ability to actively participate in a thriving community, culture, and environment.

9 Ways to achieve Wellbeing

1. Mindfulness – Being more aware of your thoughts, accepting your feelings (good or bad) and noticing surroundings can positively change how you feel.

2. Journaling –I have found this so beneficial not only for self-growth, but I find committing to paper is more powerful than just adding notes on your phone

3. A balanced diet and exercise. That sluggish feeling and lethargy will soon dissipate when you cut out the junk.

4. Meditate with aromatherapy oils- there are so many wonderful guided meditations online and available as apps. Spend some time exploring these guided mediations until you reach a point where you can silently meditate. We often meditate using the Relax blend.

5. Find your inner child – this is something my counsellor has helped me to do. This summer I have reconnected with my inner child, flying kites with my little girl, body boarding, painting and baking. Things I otherwise wouldn’t have time to do when working full time.

6. Explore- Make spending time in nature a must-do ritual to restore and calm your senses and elevate your mood. Outdoor walking meditations can also be extremely beneficial.

7. Music- this is amazing for your emotional and social wellbeing. Music has the ability to bring people together no matter where they are. I often listen to a beautiful mindfulness playlist on Amazon whilst working and have reconnected with my passion for singing.

8. Love yourself and take time for you – Self-care, whether in the form of positive affirmations or a pampering ritual. Sometimes we spend more time and energy avoiding our emotions than allowing ourselves to really feel them. Give yourself permission to feel your feelings.

9. Connect with friends, family be it through online tools, it is important to stay connected to achieve societal wellbeing.

We would love to hear how you've implemented these into your life and please get in touch if you need more advice on Aromatherapy oils...why not booked an Aromatherapy Indian Head Massage here

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